Course curriculum

    1. What it’s all about?

    2. Understanding, Appreciation and Using Even Light in iPhone Photography

    3. Computational Photography

    4. Computational Photography

    5. Lens And Focal Length Options

    6. Using Photographic Styles To Enhance And Warm Up The Color Red

    7. Symbolism

    8. Taking Street Portraits

    9. Vintage Looks Through Film Simulation

    10. Creating Depth In Landscape Photography

    11. If Your Photos Aren’t Good Enough, You’re Not Wide Enough

    12. How Light Defines Your Subject

    13. Black And White Filters

    14. Using Angles And Foreground

    15. The iPhone And Low Light

    16. Editing In The Photos App

    17. Seize The Moment

    1. Bonus: Do Not Disturb

    2. Bonus 02: Optimize Your Camera Settings

About this course

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  • 19 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

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